It never fails. You go to turn on a light and the light blows! You can feel that annoying feeling start to rise up inside but decide you can quickly change the bulb and be done with it.

First, before changing any light bulb, make sure the switch it turned OFF. It is easy to forget this step and it can cause you to be startled when you are putting in a new bulb.

Lets say you are sure that the light is turned off, but somehow you accidentally break the bulb before it is all of the way out. If this happens, do not try to take the bulb out yourself. It is very easy to get cut or shocked by an electrical current. After all, did you really remember to turn the light switch to the off position? Don't take any chances.

Sweep up any broken glass you see on the floor and give us a call. We can remove the broken bulb and replace it with a new one very quickly and safely.

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